Area Gamma Monitor


Radiation Detected : Gamma
Detector range : 0.1μSv/h to 100mSv/h (10μR/hr–10R/hr)
Geiger Tube Voltage Compatibility : All General GM Tubes with anode voltage 350-550V
User Indications : Local signaling by audio and visual alarms
Keypad & GLCD provided for Parameter visualization & setting
RS485 port- for remote operating And data dumping
External detector with 50 m Expandable cable

Product Description

Area Gamma monitor is GM tube based, mains powered, microcontroller based radiation monitor, designed specifically for area and process monitoring in nuclear facilities.

Its main functions are to display the gamma dose rate in area and to worn local personal in the event of an alarm situation. It also can be used as interlock monitor.

Technical Specification

Radiation detected : Gamma

Area Gamma Monitor

Detector : GM tube Base

Energy Response : 200 KeV to 1.5 MeV ,±15% Detector Location : Internal or external (10 meter cable) Accuracy : ±10 with Cs-137 or Co-60
Response time : 1 Second (approx)

Display Unit : mR/h, µSv/h, CPM,CPS
0.010 mR/h to 500 mR/h,

Display Range :

0.1 µSv/h to 5000 µSv/h,
0 to 50000 CPM ,
0 to 10000 CPS.
EHT Voltage : 500 VDC (Adjustable from 20-1500 V)
Display : GLCD (Graphic LCD)
5 digit 0.5″ Led seven segment display

Visual indication :

Green Red Blue

Normal status Alarm status System status
Four LED for Unit Indication Audio Indication : Piezoelectric Buzzer (> 80 db) User Interface : Acknowledge and Reset Switch
5 keys fully sealed membrane keypad

Connectivity : RS485 – MODBUS

Ethernet 100/10 Mbs- MODBUS

Data storage : 2000 Data logs
Analog o/p : 4-20mA & 0-5V
Console output :

Relay : 2 c/o (potential free contact) Remote Acknowledge and Reset Switch
Power Source : 230VAC ± 10 %, 50Hz


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